Car Decals, Truck Decals, and Window Stickers

Application Instructions

Our car decals are cut from colored vinyl with an adhesive on one side. This adhesive is covered with a opaque backing paper. The front surface of the decal has a clear transfer film protecting it.

You will need a credit card, id card, squeegee, burnisher or some other smooth-edged and slightly flexible plastic tool for applying the decal. You also need some kind of tape. Masking tape is a good choice. You'll be making a tape hinge.

  • Make sure that the surface that you will be applying the decal to has been cleaned with water or alcohol and is completely dry.
  • Using your credit card or burnisher rub over the clear transfer film to verify that the decal edges the decal will transfer properly.
  • Align the decal so that it is in the exact location you would like it on the application surface. The backing paper should be against the surface and the transfer film should be facing you.
  • Using masking tape create a tape hinge by taping only the top edge to the surface. This will hold the decal in place. The length of tape you use should be shorter than the decal width. This will allow it to lift up.
  • Lift the decal up and remove the backing paper slowly and carefully. Make sure the design stays on the transfer film and does not stick to the backing paper. Do NOT let the decal fall!
  • Now you should have the top of the decal taped to the glass and the bottom in one hand. Again, do NOT let the decal touch the surface prematurely.
  • Take the credit card or burnishing tool in the other hand. Finish applying by using overlapping strokes with the card, start at the top center and work down and toward each edge. Once the decal is applied, go over entire surface of the decal with credit card to ensure complete application.
  • Remove the clear transfer film by pulling carefully at an angle. If the design begins to pull up with the transfer film, burnish the design again with overlapping strokes and then try again to remove the transfer film. Don't pull out, pull down or up.

Additional Suggestions

Generally not required for our car decals, additional options exist.

  • Wide decals can be positioned precisely by locating the center of the decal and the center of the application surface. While one half is taped securely in place the other half of the decal can be applied by working from the center to one side. Then the other half of the decal is applied working from the center to the other side.
  • Wet installation: Wet the surface with a heavy mist of water, remove paper backing from decal and wet the sticky side with a mist of water also. Apply the decal to the wet surface. Squeegee the water out.
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